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D199/Alexander was a rude engine! Until he changed his ways!


Diesel 199 was pompous, rude and sided with the general belief amongst diesels that steam engines are subpar to diesel power. He is blatantly arrogant and enjoys bad-mouthing the steam engines. However, he earned the nickname "Spamcan" by a signalman after he failed to pull a train of fuel and oil tankers, and he subsided when the signalman jokingly threatened to cut him up with a tin opener.

Diesel 199 thought he was more reliable than the steam engines. However, one day he broke down and quickly lost his nickname from "Old Reliable" to "Spamcan." In fact, everyone was rather pleased when he was sent away from Sodor back to the Other Railway in disgrace.

He came back to the NWR and with some Help from Edward he changed!


Technical Details:

Diesel 199 is based on a British Rail (BR) Class 46 "Peak" 1Co-Co1 diesel-electric engine. The Class 46s never made it up to D199. They were numbered between D138 to D193. Fifty-six of them were built from 1961 to 1963, with three of them preserved by heritage railways, such as the Midland Railway - Butterly, while one (46009) was destroyed in a crash test in 1984.