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Henry is a Green engine who works on the island of Sodor!


Henry is generally well-behaved and friendly, but is sometimes arrogant. Henry is at heart, a very hard worker, but his frequent bouts of illness hinder his work. His illnesses almost always have something to do with his boiler. Unlike Gordon and James, Henry does not mind pulling trucks, especially as he is a mixed traffic engine, although when he is given the job of pulling the express whenever Gordon is unable to, this can get to his smokebox and he can act full of himself. While he does not usually mind pulling trucks Henry hated to shunt his own trains, which led to several miserable days stuck in the sheds after a failed attempt at going on strike.


The Big Three


Henry's history is considered my many to be one of the most checkered and interesting histories of any of the NWR's Fleet. In 1919, an unknown locomotive builder sent a spy to steal drawings from Sir Nigel Gresley, the Great Northern Railway's Chief Mechanical Officer. The builder had formerly been an apprentice of Gresley, and had a strong grudge against him for unknown reasons. The spy had initially meant to steal the drawings for Gresley's New Pacific Design, but accidently stole plans for an early draft of what eventually would become the LNER's B17 Class Ten Wheelers. The designer, blissfully unaware that his spy had "bungled up the job", had the locomotive constructed at once. The resulting locomotive, of course, would become the engine we all know as "Henry." However, upon completion, a HUGE Flaw with Henry's design was found: His firebox was too small, and was unable to develop enough heat with the usual bituminous coal used on most steam engines at the time. Because of this, Henry's builder's had one thing on their minds: Get rid of him as fast as possible. Luckily, it wasn't long until they found a buyer.

Henry's new base is based on the London, Midland, and Scottish Railway Class 5, affectionately nicknamed the "Black 5's". Designed by William Stanier, 842 Locomotives were constructed between 1934-1951 at the LMS's Workshops at Crewe, Derby, and Horwich, which additional locomotives constructed at Vulcan Foundry and Armstrong Whitworth. The Black 5 were designed to be "Go Anywhere" Machines, and handled work all across the LMS system. Impressively, the Black 5's lasted until the end of Steam on BR until 1968, and happily, 18 members of the class managed to survive into preservation.


Henry has been painted in NWR Green, NWR Blue and once Half Red and Green


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