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Mickey is the Fire Engine on the Island of Sodor he works for the Fire and Rescue Service


Mickey is serious, honest and loves safety. Mickey shows a kinder side and gives the engines some advice, which is both helpful and honest. Much like Joey, Mickey takes his job seriously, and despite his stern approach to the rules, he always acts fairly, and does not abuse his power.


Season 1:

Spencer the goods engine


Mickey is based on the Furness Railways K2 "Larger Seagull" Class of 4-4-0's, designed by W.F. Pettigrew and Built by Sharp, Stewart and Company of Glasgow, Scotland. Overall, 8 of these locomotives were built, 6 in 1896, and an additional 2 built in 1900. Sadly, all were withdrawn by the early 1930's, and none survived into preservation.

Mickey has a alterations compared to his basis, the most notable of which include the addition of a Fowler Tender, and an enclosed cab, compared to the open one on the prototype


Victor Tanzig