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Nia is a orange tank engine from Kenya!


She is a kind and helpful engine. She is willing to help her friends in need. She often bonds with Rebecca, Molly, Mavis Emily and Rosie, but was accompanied Thomas on his adventure around the world


Season 1


Nia is based on the Kenya-Uganda Railway (KUR) ED1 Class of 2-6-2 Tank Engines. A total of 27 members of the class were built between 1926 and 1930 by Vulcan Foundary in the UK. Later, they were operated as part of the East African Railways, who reclassified the locomotives as Class 11's. In 1930, 4 similar locomotives were built by an unknown locomotive manufacturer for the Tanganyika Railway in Tanzania, classified as the ST Class. The only major difference being that they were fitted with vaccum brakes, as opposed to Westinghouse Air Brakes and Compressor. Currently, one locomotive survives into preservation, that being #327 at the Nairobi Railway Museum in Kenya.

Nia is almost identical to her basis, with the only major difference is that she is standard gauge, while her basis is metre gauge (3 ft, 3 3/8 in., or 1000 mm.)


Yilin Zhou