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Percy is a small green tank engine with 4 six small wheels!


Percy is a kind and sweet engine. He often gets into mischief with his best friend Thomas. But no matter what he is always ready for work and would be willing to help his friends at all costs. He has also developed friendships with Edward, Toby, Mavis and BoCo. For a short period, he did have a small rivalry with Harold stemming from their race, they are always willing to help each other when in trouble.


  1. The Tales of Sodor Audio Series Episode


Percy is based on a few locomotive designs built by the Avonside Engine Company in Bristol, England, for the Great Western Railway (GWR). He most closely resembles #1340 "Trojan", built in 1897 for the Dunn & Shute of Newport Town Dock, before being purchased by the Alexandria Dock Railway in 1903, until that was absorbed into part of the Great Western Railway following the Big 4 Grouping of 1923. "Trojan" was preserved as part of the Didcot Railway Center, though it's currently away for an overhaul.

Percy bears several differences compared to his basis, including being larger, the addition of a coal bunker, among several other differences.