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Rosie is a S100 tank engine!


Rosie is a rather brave engine. She is willing to hurt anyone who is rude to her or her friends and is also a quite determined engine.


Season 1


Rosie is based of the United States Army Transportation Administration (USATC) S100 Class of 0-6-0 Tank Engines. The Locomotives were designed by Colonel Howard G. Hill, at total of 382 locomotives were constructed by the Davenport Locomotive Works in Davenport, Iowa, H.K. Porter Locomotive Works of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the Vulcan Iron Works of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, between 1942-1944. Most of them were shipped to the UK in 1943, where they remained in storage until after the D-Day Landings, where they were then shipped all across continental Europe. Following the war, the locomotives ended up all over Europe and Asia. In the UK, 15 S100's were purchased by the Southern Railway, where they were designated as the "USA" Class. A few others were acquired by the National Coal Board, Longmoor Military Railway, and the Austin Motor Company. Impressively, over 100 S100's have survived into preservation, with the majority in North America and Europe.

Rosie is a very faithful recreation of her basis, but has simpler valve gear compared to the prototype. Red is also another member of this class.